Local Christmas Tree Farm Reopens

OREGON (WIFR) -- A Stateline tree farm that closed down during the recession is branching out once again.

Oregon's Eagle Bluff at Sinnissippi Farm and Forest is officially reopening after closing down the day before Christmas Eve two years ago. The new owners teamed up with the FFA to reopen 35 acres of the original tree farm. One owner said a professional tree shearing company helped repair the 1,500 pine trees over the summer. The owners and FFA not only wanted to revive the farm but allow families to enjoy homegrown Christmas trees.

Douglas Conroy, co-land owner, says, "Being around the tree farm those last days, two, three years ago, you could just hear and see the sentiments of so many people. It's just a special experience to be able to come out and cut your own tree, to walk the fields and experience that."

The farm says they hope sales will increase since shoppers purchased fewer trees leading up to the 2009 closing.

If you would like to cut your own Christmas tree down for the holidays, Eagle Bluff at Sinnissippi Farm and Forest is located at 2856 Lowden Road in Oregon, three miles south of Route 64.

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