Local Runner Recalls Bomb Blasts at the Boston Marathon

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BOSTON (WIFR) -- At least nine runners from the Stateline ran in Monday’s Boston Marathon. According to the local running group, the Rockford Roadrunners, they are all ok. Some finished well before the explosions...while others were pulled off the course afterwards. One runner, Tara Sheetz from Roscoe was steps away from the finish line when the explosions went off.

"I just had this gut feeling because I'm like, that's not a gunshot. It shook, it was really loud, it was “boom!” and then the second one and it was so intensely loud," recalls Tara Sheetz during a phone conversation from her Boston hotel.

She had just finished her second marathon when the twin blasts ripped through the area near the Boston Marathon finish line. Sheetz had been sitting in the medical tent receiving treatment for her asthma when she first heard the booms, and then watched as first wave of the injured streamed into the tent.

"I saw one guy whose face was all bloody. It was like all of a sudden, half his clothes were missing. When they started wheeling more people in I thought ‘oh my god’ and I walked out of the medical tent and didn’t look back,” Sheetz remembers.

She is alone in Boston, so one of the first things she did after the explosions was check in with her husband.

“If he had been there, my husband could be dead right now. That’s sad to say since someone else’s mother or grandmother is dead. One death is too many,” she says.

Sheetz says she won't forget the agony of some of the other runners.

“My heart just sank because, this runner who just ran a marathon, she might have had the race of her life, just watched her mom get thrown onto a gurney and into an ambulance."

Sheetz says she'll continue to race but she says she'll think twice about doing big races after this.

"To be that close to it, I’m still freaked out, I want to get home, and I miss my family."

Sheetz plans to fly out of Boston on schedule on Tuesday. She’s hoping she won't be delayed so she can make it back to her family in Roscoe.

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