Rockford Woman Gives Perspective Inside Israel

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ROCKFORD/ISRAEL (WIFR) -- An Israel native who grew up in Rockford is back in the middle-east where she says she's feeling, seeing and hearing the tension. We spoke with her via Skype today.

Sirens ring throughout Israel as rocket fire pounds the country. Twenty-five-year-old Maya Golan constantly hears the sirens.

She says, "Definitely a scary situation to be in, lots of sirens, lots of rockets."

Golan is visiting Haifa where she says it's quieter; it's about an hour north of Tel Aviv and north of her hometown where she says conditions are worse.

"Every time you go into the bomb shelter you hear that bang and you hope that it's not you or anybody you know," explains Golan.

We asked Maya what the worst or hardest thing she's seen or had to deal with since this war started and she replied:

"I think it's a lot of emotional and psychological pressure that's being put on everyone in the community as a whole and you feel that everybody's stressed."

In Rockford, Maya's father keeps busy at work, while keeping in touch with Maya.

"Obviously there's some concern, but I wouldn't say 'worry' because I don't worry much, I don't believe in worrying. Either you do something or you don't," says Ronie Golan.

Maya says Israel tried to do something with a ceasefire today, but Hamas continued to fire.

She says, "They kept shooting rockets until late afternoon at which point Israel retaliated, a lot of Israelis feel panic."

Maya will be back in the U.S. in two weeks, stay here for a month and then head back to Israel where she hopes to resume studies. She says some classes have been canceled.

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