Local Hero Returns Home From Afghanistan

It's an emotional reunion for friends and family as a local hero returns home from Afghanistan.

Armed with a motorcycle escort, Chief Petty Officer Cody Noren with the U.S. Navy says he's overwhelmed as he returns to his home in Genoa.

"I never would've imagined, it warms my heart."

For him, it's more than just a warm welcome as dozens of neighbors line the streets with signs for their local hero.

"Seeing him knowing that he's home safe for now, it's really good to know," said Kurt, Cody's brother-in-law.

Family and friends greeted Noren with hugs and a few tears. He spent the last six months in Afghanistan. Noren says there were times he was afraid he wouldn't be able to see his wife Megan again.

"The first time I was on the phone with him, they had an alarm system go off that was really terrifying as well because you could hear the alarm system going off and him just saying I gotta go and he hung up the phone," said Megan Noren, Cody's wife.

"Regardless of how much protective gear you wear there's still the danger of someone trying to harm you."

"I would be happy coming back to my house and hand shake from one or two people. Something like this is way above and beyond. I appreciate it."

It's that support, Noren says gives him hope and motivates him to fight for his country.

Noren says he'll get to enjoy the last bit of summer because he'll be home for a few weeks-until he gets deployed to another unit. This is his fifth deployment and he says no matter what he enjoys every time.

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