Local Shops Continue to See Spike in Sales After Obama Issues Executive Actions

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LOVES PARK (WIFR) -- Guns continue to fly off the shelves as they had been for weeks at Stateline stores in the wake of the President's executive actions. Kap Guns owner Kenny Polhamus says he’s never seen the shelves at his Loves Park shop so empty, or gun prices so high.

“A 28 hundred dollar gun I sell in here, I can’t even get ‘em in here anymore but if you go on gun broker or something they're selling for upwards of seven thousand dollars," says Polhamus.

Polhamus says since the November election, more customers have been buying up his stock of rifles and hand guns. He's not sure how his business will fare now that the president has asked Congress to ban assault weapons and ammunition magazines with more than 10 rounds.

"If I can’t get any product, how can I sell anything? People say, ‘you gotta be happy, this has gotta be good for you!’ It is this month, but people stop coming once there's nothing in here," says Polhamus.

That proposed ban has left a few customers scratching their heads. "It's so broad, how to we start, where do we stop? What do you do with the past 10 to15 years of people who’ve already bought this stuff? You’re going to limit the future but what do you do about the past?” asks

Political experts also seem to wonder about the impact of president Obama’s executive actions.

"No one doubts the president's ability to do this. The only question is whether or not it will be funded, be implemented, and frankly, future presidents can overturn or rescind previous executive orders,” says political science professor P.S. Ruckman.

While lawmakers in Washington figure out how to enact these executive orders, In Loves Park, Polhamus is left figuring out how to fill his customer's orders.

"I’ll get five or six guns and they’re gone in a matter of hours," says Polhamus.

The details on an assault weapons ban are still very vague at this point, but Polhamus is worried the restrictions could wipe out his entire stock.

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