Local Science Teacher Returns from Gulf of Mexico

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AMBOY (WIFR) – Imagine trading in your Midwestern summer in the cornfields of Amboy for a scientific research trip in the Gulf of Mexico. That’s what local science teacher, Carol Schnaiter decided to do in order to bring her semester at sea to her students.

From science books to research boats, Carol Schnaiter says she can’t wait to show her students at Amboy Central School her findings from the Gulf of Mexico.
“These are sand dollars that we pulled when we got closer to shore.”

Schnaiter spent two weeks aboard a ship with a team of scientists doing research on fish like Red Snappers and other underwater creatures.
“The water was navy blue, I’ve never seen water that dark blue before.”

It’s part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric administrations ‘Teacher at Sea’ program.

I want to do my life all over again. I want to be a marine biologist now.”

Science and life lessons she says she wants to pass on to her kids.

“I want to show the students, here’s careers you can do. Careers in science. Why math is important, oh wait let’s see when we were measuring things to go down the one day it went down too far because somebody was off,” Schnaiter said.

Schnaiter says she’s excited for school to start next month and give students the opportunity for more hands on learning in and outside of the classroom.

“It’ll be different but it’ll be fun. It’ll be more writing for the students, more authentic, real science, not just reading about it.”

Schnaiter says a lot of their research was sent to the federal government. She says she’s already looking forward to another excursion, this time in Antarctica.

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