Local Residents Prepare for New Concealed Carry Law

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Illinois still does not have an official concealed carry law. However, some are already preparing for the move to become legalized.

Today, more than 20 people attended a class on the topic at Stateline Rental Properties in Rockford. The group learned how to safely carry weapons. Along with some tips other states are following. Right now, Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon is working with lawmakers to craft a law. A federal appeals court panel ruled last month that Illinois' ban on concealed weapons is unconstitutional, although, Attorney General Lisa Madigan is appealing the ruling. Lawmakers still face a 180-day deadline to pass a bill legalizing concealed carry.

John Royster, Certified NRA Instructor, says, "…it’s like police, they can’t make us safe but they can make us feel safe, I think people possess a gun whether it’s at home. They feel safe."

Simon says she wants new legislators from both parties to join her firearms working group.

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