Local Religious Leaders Hold Prayer Walk Against Crime

Just days after a Rockford man is found murdered in his bathtub.. more than a dozen march against the recent increase in violence, eight murders in a little over two weeks. Now some religious leaders are working together to stop the chaos on our streets.

Many people walked along Henrietta Avenue on the West Side, where they prayed at different intersections. Pastor Smith of New Body of Christ led the group along with other religious leaders from area churches.

He tells me this violent month has many neighbors on edge. So much so he says some of them were too afraid to participate in the prayer walk.

"I've spoke with a lot of neighbors and a lot of people just don't want to be involved for fear of retaliation and other things and it's just sad to me, you know, we're not out here trying to target anybody. even the perpetrators we're not, I'm not after you."

And pastor smith tells me since crimes are happening throughout the city, he wants to have prayer walks in other areas, where he'll invite many other religious leaders.

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