Local Red Cross Sent to Tornado Site

EAST PEORIA (WIFR) -- A devastating day in the Midwest as lives were completely turned upside down in a matter of mere seconds. Tornadoes ripped through 12 states Sunday killing eight people and destroying hundreds of homes.

Reality is setting in for the people of East Peoria, which is about 15 minutes west of Washington Illinois, where two local volunteers are right now helping feed families and assess the damage.

Mike O’Brien and Bill Bielasco have been helping families here in this neighborhood in East Peoria. Giving them food and going over the damage to their homes as part of the American Red Cross Relief. This town hit by a tornado that ran along the same path as the one that hit Washington.

Bill and Mike left the Rockford area last night just after the storm passed through and when they got there they found homes leveled. Families going through rubble trying to figure out what to do next. The two were going over the area determining what kind of supplies and how much they would need to bring to the locals in the neighborhood.

“We are down here in a little subdivision where there is major damage. The house behind me is totally destroyed. It got picked off its foundation and moved several feet and turned a little bit and totally smashed,” said Rockford Red Cross Volunteer Mike O’Brien.

East Peoria’s fire chief says there are hundreds of homes left damaged in this area. Around 60 severely damaged and dozens that may be deemed unlivable but thankfully he tells us no one as needed medical attention in East Peoria so far.

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