Local Organizations Talk to Residents about Supreme Court Ruling Petition

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Several local organizations are trying to emphasize a three-year-old Supreme Court ruling that they say could determine the outcomes of both local and national elections.

The Northern Illinois Progressive Democrats of America and Occupy Rockford hosted a community forum today to discuss the effects of the citizens united ruling that was handed down three years ago. It allows corporations and unions to spend unlimited amounts of money on political campaigns. Occupy members say that will result in money ruling elections...Not our votes. They say the ruling is drowning out the voices of voters.

Bill Weiss, Occupy Rockford Member, says, "It means, basically, if you have a million people collect $10 million for a cause of for a candidate, one individual or one corporation can donate double that amount of money and, basically, drown out all of those contributions."

Occupy Rockford says there is a petition currently online to try to change the citizens united ruling. To view that petition you can head to movetoamend.org.

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