Local Mother Appears on "The Talk"

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STATELINE (WIFR) – A local expectant mom got a bit of a workout after being selected to be in the audience of the TV show “The Talk” which airs right here on WIFR.

Chelsea Kluesner was one of hundreds of women featured in today’s “Million Dollar Baby Shower” episode of “The Talk” with actress Alyssa Milano.

The audience was made up of women more than seven months pregnant.

Kluesner said it was a long day, being there for about 3-4 hours but she says once the taping began, that’s when the excitement started.

"Just the experience was so exuberating, and your heart is just racing waiting to have the people come out and see what you're going to get and take home."

Chelsea got quite a bit to take home including a diamond necklace, a three-month diaper supply and 15 vouchers for things like a crib and a car seat.

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