Local Military Couple Reunited

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ROSCOE (WIFR) -- A husband and wife both serving our country are reunited for the first time in nearly a year.

Army technician Trevor Hatfield says he's excited to be greeted by smiling faces and hugs from his family after nearly a year away from his home in Roscoe.

"It's good to be home. Excited to see my family, it's just really good, really good to be home," said Trevor Hatfield.

Trevor spent the last 11 months in the Middle East getting rid of explosives left over from wars. And while he's been waiting to see his relatives, Trevor says nothing compares to the moment he saw his wife again.

"I open up the back door and there's this sign sitting in the back, I read it and it's almost like a dead giveaway, like Meghan's here somewhere where is she at, so I immediately start peaking out and she jumps out the back," said Trevor.

"It was awesome it was just so overwhelming. It was good to see his face, I missed him," said Meghan.

The couple has only spent six weeks together since they got married in 2012. When Trevor was serving our country overseas, Meghan was helping bring in life here in America as a Labor and Delivery Technician in the U.S. Air Force in Florida.

"I went 3 months without hearing his voice."

"With everything dying down, a lot of people are coming home, they're shortening up the deployment tours it's becoming very rare for anyone to have a combat patch, so I feel very honored to have been able to have done that," said Trevor.

While they've both served their country, the couple says they're looking forward to their next mission as husband and wife.

The couple says they didn't have a honeymoon, so they'll be taking a road trip soon. After that they'll be moving to Washington where Trevor is stationed.

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