Local Man Gives Perspective on Syria

STATELINE (WIFR) – Today President Obama affirmed the United States is prepared to go at it alone in a military strike against Syria.

He spent the last couple days at the G-20 summit trying to drum up international support to hold Syria accountable. Not many nations were swayed. He’ll try to make the case to us from the White House Tuesday.

At least one local man already has his mind made up and says something needs to be done to save his family.

Zahere Qassem says every phone call to his family in Syria is unsettling. While his mother’s voice is reassuring, it’s often buried under the sound of violent chaos.

Qassem says he has no idea why four of his cousins were recently arrested and he’s not even sure if they’re still alive.

“One of them was taken for no reason, just to steal his car basically and probably, nobody knows where he is, probably they killed him and threw him somewhere,” Qassem said. “It’s really shameful, like you cannot imagine what they can do to people.”

Qassem says many of his relatives are trying to leave Aleppo, the second largest city in Syria and the center of so many violent attacks.

“My sister told me that it’s a privilege in the city now if you die or if you’ve been killed that your family knows that you’re dead.”

That’s why Qassem says he hopes our government will respond to helps save thousands of lives and his family.

Qassem says some of the Syrian hospitals have been destroyed and even doctors have been arrested for trying to help those wounded. Qassem says some local organizations have donated hospital equipment to help.

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