Local Insurance Agency Changes Location Due to Auburn Street Roundabout

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Keystone Insurance, located at 1626 N. Main Street in Rockford has moved locations due to the construction of the roundabout at North Main and Auburn Streets.

Keystone Insurance, owned by Tom Etier, has been at the North Main location since 1962. Etier was recently told by the State that the land his business was located on was needed for the road improvements. Despite the inconvenience of having to move, Etier says the change of location will only benefit his business.

“Our new office will be more centrally located East Side of Rockford. Our new space is larger and has many upgrades including new computer software and office equipment,” says Etier.

Keystone Insurance’s new location is 513 South Phelps, on the southwest corner of Phelps and Elaine. The additional space will allow Etier to add more staff to his growing business. Keystone currently offers business and personal insurance.

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