Local Group Shreds Away Peoples' Worries

BELVIDERE (WIFR) -- There's always a chance that after throwing away any important documents, you can find yourself with your identity stolen, but one group is taking all of those worries away and throwing them in a shredder.

Volunteers with Belvidere Township, the community emergency response team and the Flaming Monkeys robotics team collected bags and boxes of paper for it to be shredded.

Around 200 cars brought their valuable documents and had them safely destroyed.

Organizers say this is the best option as opposed to dumping them into a landfill or burning them in your backyard.

"Hopefully this gives people the opportunity to clean up, clean out the house, and get rid of unwanted papers," said Belvidere Township Supervisor Patrick Murphy. "And with this day and age of identity theft, people feel more secure with this. I think we're doing a good service and as far as I'm concerned, it will continue as long as they come."

The Paper Recovery truck will be out again on May 3rd at the Alpine Bank on East State Street to take away all of your paper for free.

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