Local Group Working to Reduce Prostitution

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The Rockford area is known for its prostitution problems and a local group that’s fighting human trafficking overseas is hoping to bring that same help to the Stateline.

At least 50 people were busted last year for prostitution-related crimes in Rockford alone, and that’s just the number we reported on and the cases we knew about, so there are likely many more out there. Earlier this month two people were busted in Janesville for forcing prostitution on a teen.

Nick Durick is trying to reduce those statistics. He and 13 other people, most with Rockford First Church are leaving in two weeks for a mission trip to Thailand. Volunteers will help warn families about the dangers of selling their kids into the sex trade and he wants to bring that kind of help to the Stateline.

“You never know what leaders are going to come out of trips like these, you never know who’s going to come back and really change the world. I mean you sit in a small group and there’s just so much potential in every single person,” said Durrick.

The group leaves for Thailand on February 4th where they’ll work with an organization called Zoe. Locally, the Salvation Army has a program called Women’s Restorative Justice Program that helps women who have a current tie to the Winnebago County Court System, who are recovering from substance addiction and who are homeless or at risk for homelessness.

If women meet those eligibility requirements, the two-year program will help them with recovery and life skills. If you’re interested in the recovery program, you can call them at 815-713-3179.

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