Dry Weather Causing Crop Concerns

STATELINE (WIFR) – The hot and humid temperatures are starting to take a toll on local crops and that’s worrying farmers who were already off to a late planting season.

Local farmers say if it doesn’t rain soon, they’ll start to lose some of their crops especially soybeans. They say this late heat wave could damage their harvest come fall.

Although farmers say they need the heat, this latest dry spell hasn’t helped especially since most crops were planted much later this year due to heavy rain in the spring. Some soybeans crops are already drying out making them smaller and more flat. Larry Anderson says he’s already lost 5% of his crop and he’s worried it’ll only get worse with time.
"It sucks a lot of moisture up and the plants are looking for moisture and when they don't find it you'll see that they dry up and just kinda stop growing and it causes the leaves to die off so it's definitely going to hurt,” Boone County Farmer, Larry Anderson said.

Anderson says at this point Soybean crops need at least an inch of rain to help save some of those dried up spots. He says he won’t know how much damage there is until he begins to harvest in October.
Farmers’ harvest time has also been pushed back until early October because of floods earlier this season and recent dry weather. Although some soybean crops are hurt, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports this year’s soybean crops are expected to be up 8% compared to last year.

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