Local Family Gets Home Makeover

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FORRESTON (WIFR) -- A handful of helpers are turning one family's tragedy into a triumph, by giving them a home makeover all while they're away on vacation.

"So far we've got about 15 to 20 volunteers." These helpers are putting in long hours for a special home makeover, the Forreston edition.

Leader of the group, Shayne Campbell says he wanted to help his co-worker Kelly Kappes and her family, after she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer a month ago.

"Shortly before that they started a remodeling project on the house and obviously with her medical condition its kind of forced them to temporarily put the project on hold," said Campbell.

Now co-workers, friends and family are picking up where Kelly and her husband Jeremy left off, by finishing the Kappes dream home.

"Kitchen and dining room.. finishing off the walls, putting in light fixtures, new floor."

"It's heartwarming, it makes you want to cry, it's wonderful," said Jeremy's grandmother.

All this work is happening while Kelly, Jeremy, and their three daughters are on an all-expenses paid vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. Many family members say it's overwhelming to see so much support even from strangers.

"We're happy that's it's going to be finished for them." "It really helps they don't realize how much it helps people, it takes alot of burden off of them they got enough to worry about," said Jeremy's parents.

But Campbell says it's more than just giving the Kappes family a renovated home, he says this project is giving them hope.

"If we can take the burden of this away from them then it's a win win for everybody."

Gates Auto Body and Fairway Ford where Kelly and Jeremy work, paid for most of the supplies and the Kappes vacation. The grand unveiling is Thursday when the Kappes get back from their trip.

Campbell says more volunteers are always welcome. There's also a fundraiser for the family scheduled later this month.

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