Local Families Unite to End Violence in Beloit

BELOIT (WIFR) -- Family and friends hope to bring peace to their Beloit community. A week after the city's 4th murder this year. Family and friends hope to stop the violence by rallying together.

It's the hope and prayer of some families fighting to bring peace to the streets of Beloit.

"Let somebody come forward, if not for me then for him and his kids."

Patricia Wiggins says she'll fight everyday to put an end to what she calls senseless violence.

"I want to do whatever I can to stop this violence and bring justice to my son's murder," said Wiggins.

Patricia's son Jeffrey Hardnett was shot and killed on Hull Avenue in Beloit last week.

"He put his kids first, he was a loving father and son," said Wiggins.

"We shouldn't be burying our kids."

Several family and friends, along with community leaders, hit the streets for a prayer walk, starting at the spot where Hardnett was gunned down.

The goal is to bring awareness of violence plaguing the city.

"She was shot in her car on Roosevelt, across town," said Bonnie Mcalister.

Bonnie Mcalister says she's struggling to heal after her daughter Latoya was shot to death while in a car with a friend almost 4 years ago.

Mcalister says it's important for families to unite and speak out about the loss of their loved ones.

"We need this and we need to keep it going. Everybody needs answers, everybody needs closure."

Hardnett's family says the shooter has turned himself in to police. However, Beloit police have not confirmed that.

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