Local Downtown Businesses Begin Holiday Shopping Campaign

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- After Thanksgiving, dozens of local stores will be begging for our attention, including some in downtown Rockford.

14 downtown businesses are kicking off a new campaign to motivate us to buy local this holiday shopping season. Organizers are calling the event a ‘Stamp-ede’. This is how it works we have one week to collect stamps from more than a dozen downtown businesses, we can then turn in the stickers to enter a drawing to win $350 that we can spend in the heart of the city.

Anne D'Astice, Owner, Pasta Cucina, says, "It's our Black Friday. And I think it's important, not only to get people down here to spend money, which we love the support, but also just to get the exposure and the knowledge that 'hey, we are down here, there's a lot of us down here, come and see what we have to offer.'

For a complete list of the downtown stores participating, you can head over to their Facebook page at fb.com/shopdowntownrockford.

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