UPDATE: World's Tallest Cow Dies on Local Farm

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UPDATE: ORANGEVILLE, Ill. (AP) -- The world's tallest cow has died on her owner's farm in northern Illinois after holding the title for less than a year.

Pat Hanson tells The (Freeport) Journal-Standard that her 6-foot-4 cow, Blosom, died May 26 on her farm near Orangeville. Hanson says she's not sure what happened to Blosom, but she decided to put the 13-year-old Holstein down after two veterinarians said there was nothing they could do to save her.

Hanson says Blosom was buried in her favorite pasture, with her head facing east toward the farm.

Hanson was notified last August that Blosom had been named the world's tallest cow. Although she's no longer alive, the 2,000-pound cow still maintains that title.

Blosom will appear in the 2016 edition of the Guinness World Records book.

ORANGEVILLE (WIFR) – The Stateline is home to a record-holding bovine beauty.

Blosom is the world’s tallest cow, with the designation just awarded to her by Guinness World Records.

Blosom towers over her owner Patty Hanson at 6’4” tall at her shoulder, which is actually taller than Bulls star Derrick Rose.

Blosom’s owner says she knew Blosom was special when she was a calf.

“We won. We kept her. She’s here and even though she couldn’t have a calf like with most cows, she does have a purpose. She’s the official greeter to the farm,” said Hanson.

Hanson is still waiting for the official certificate, which should be coming in the mail soon. Blosom’s picture will be taken by Guinness World Records and be featured in the 2016 Book of World Records.

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