Local Couple Celebrates 72 Years of Marriage

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A local couple shows us that love never gets old.

"She's a writer, she's the brains and I’m the nuts and bolts. And you compromise if anything goes wrong and that's all you have to do, everything stayed good and well," said Beauford Hermann.

Beauford and Edna celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary Saturday. He's 94 and she's 95 years old, and they still live in their own home in Rockford, where they've lived for more than 50 years. They met at a party in Freeport in 1938, while Beauford was in the navy.

"We danced the waltz, we did the waltz together and after that she wouldn't let me go," said Beauford.

He used to work at Ingersoll and Edna became an internationally published poet. She says her husband has always been her inspiration.

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