Local Churches Hold Free Garage Sale

The rough economy can be hard on a lot of budgets, so two local churches decided that instead of holding a low price garage sale, they would just give everything away.

We're talking furniture, clothing, a whole bunch of other items-all completely free. This is the 6th year the Mosaic Rockford Church and Forest City Fellowship are holding the event, where hundreds of people lined up to get in Saturday morning.

Organizers say they just want to help our community.

"This is a win/win event for everybody, it's a win for those who are donating because it's good for all of us, it's actually healthy for all of us to donate and to serve and also it's meaningful for those who are receiving things and getting practical needs and bring things home," says Dave Spooner, Pastor of Mosiac Rockford Church.

The group also donated 500 back-packs stuffed with school supplies.

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