Local Church Helps Homeless Stay Warm

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ROCKFORD (WIFR)- People of the Apostolic Pentecostal church of Rockford are taking the homeless from the Winnebago County Justice Center and bringing them back to their church where they're given a warm meal and place to sleep.

Starting November 1st the church opens up its warming center whenever the temperatures are below 29 degrees.

The warming center provides a warm meal followed by a 30 minute church service.

Guests can stay the night until they're woken up around 6 am and driven to another location where they're also served breakfast.

The warming center is open seven days a week.

"It's important because at least I know your in the church your, your gonna wake up your not gonna freeze to death"

"It's a place we can be warm have a good nights sleep, get the food and nourishment that we need "

The church says the warming center is open until February 1st but if temperatures continue to stay under 29 degrees they will keep their doors open longer.

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