Local Businesses Win Big During Super Bowl Sunday

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Business is booming for many stateline businesss, as dozens of people ordered food and drinks as they watched the biggest game in football.

"Pizza in general is just synonymous with the Super bowl." It's a big day for us."

Don't let this dining room fool you, phones are ringing off the hook at Pino's on main street just hours before the big game. Ezio Marino says he sees about a 20% jump in business every Super bowl Sunday.

"As the day progresses we get a little busier, towards the game and halftime especially. We get a lot of calls right when that whistle blows," said Marino.

So much so Marino says he needs all hands on deck to man the phone lines and make deliveries.

"We keep our guys busy back there," said Marino.

And by kick-off, it's already a packed house at many local bars and pubs.

"This is the biggest day for us, next to St Patty's Day," said Peter Dunn, Owner of Mulligan's Pub.

Dunn says this year Super bowl Sunday is a bonus, because business at Mulligan's has been up throughout the entire month of January.

"A lot of people blame the weather for keeping business Down but i think people get stir crazy. People need an excuse to get out and have fun and Superbowl is the prefect excuse," said Dunn.

And now that the big game is over, Dunn is preparing for the next big event.--St. Patrick's day.

Many business owners say they take advantage of the big game by offering food and drink specials. Dunn says his sales will probably quadruple tonight because of the Super bowl.

Despite economic times, local owners say the Super Bowl never stops people from going all out with food and drinks for the big game.