Local Business Owners Getting Head Start on Health Insurance Changes

STATELINE (WIFR) – The clock is ticking on implementation of Obamacare. Many provisions begin in January and for most folks there are far more questions than answers to what this means especially for families and small businesses.

It’s supposed to make health insurance more available for the uninsured, yet the Affordable Care Act hasn’t been easy to understand. Even though smaller companies won’t need mandatory coverage for their employees until 2015, many of them are trying to get a head start.

For small businesses, a possible answer is to provide a coverage through a health insurance exchange where people can shop online for different coverage plans. Today at Williams-Manny insurance, experts explained this search can begin in October, even though a recent change pushes the mandatory coverage starting date, back a year from January 1st, 2014. Some workers want to figure it all out now.

"It's an administrative burden to comply with all of the new changes because you do feel that you have more requirements, more paperwork more information to provide to your employees,” said Leslie Carr, an employee of a small manufacturer.
While today’s free session was aimed at business owners, individuals can find out their options at the next one, scheduled for August 14th.

These questions arise from the passage of the Affordable Care Act by congress. It’s the biggest overhaul of health care in history. The goal is to make sure everyone has health insurance and as a result, proper health care for everyone. Of course, it will be a long time before we know how successful it turns out.

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