Local Art Gallery Needs Community Support

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- An art gallery that's only been in Downtown Rockford for a year, could close if it doesn't get some community support.

Colorful paintings line the windows of State of the Art Contemporary Art Gallery on East State St. in Rockford. Owner and artist Roni Golan hopes to keep the works of art on display if he can keep his gallery open.

"Every month (it's like) can I make it or can't I, can I make it or not, can I make it or not," explains Golan.

Golan believes a slower economy and a lack of emphasis on the importance of artwork, has slowed him down.

"(Art) makes life a little colorful. Some people tell me it makes them happy so we need this type of culture in our life but we have to find a way to support the first gallery or two or three to get it going," says Golan.

There are a few galleries in Rockford like 317 Studio and Gallery. The key to success could be teaming up with each other, that's what 317 Studio and Gallery co-owner Therese Rowinski believes.

"The galleries and creative spaces really need to work together to promote each other. We need to help keep each other open and as a gallery we want to see Roni there also," says Rowinski.

"This (gallery) here, especially downtown, is too important to just let go, so I'm asking for the help of the community," says Golan.

Golan is holding a fundraiser this Friday, August 1, at State of the Art Contemporary Art Gallery, 218 E. State St. It will be held from 5-9 p.m. where Golan will paint live.

The event is free to attend and there will be deals on art. You'll also be able to make donations. Golan says he's trying $9,500 to keep the gallery open, at least until his lease is up in April.

Golan will also be painting live tomorrow night around 6:30 p.m. outside the RACVB building downtown, which is located on W. State St. and N. Main.

Golan also rents out his gallery for events and offers private art classes. For more information, check out the Facebook link below.

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