Local Agency Says There's a Shortage in Foster Care Homes

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – There are more than 19,000 kids in foster care in Illinois, yet a local agency says there’s not enough foster homes.

Now, one woman is using her foster care experience as a positive influence for kids struggling through the system.
“We do have challenges, people do mistake us for, you know well these are bad kids, this is who they are, that’s not who we are.”

21-year-old Megan Myers has lived in more than half a dozen foster homes since her mom died seven years ago. She says she eventually found comfort in a family with other foster kids.

Workers at Our Children’s Homestead in Rockford say they have more than 30 kids in foster care and it’s more difficult to find them homes.

Administrators say kids at their agency have mental health or behavioral problems.

“We’re just like any other kid, you know we make mistakes, we’re going to learn from them., but we just need someone to direct us in the right way,” Myers said. “Even though we do have challenges that we come into foster care with, we have the quality to be who we are.”

Now Myers has her own apartment and says she wants to prove to others that foster kids can be positive role models.
Myers was part of the Youth Advisory Board, a statewide advocacy group for foster youth. She says she plans to study social work at RVC so she can become a case worker and help other kids in the system.

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