Local 9/11 Memorial

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Today marks a sad anniversary for millions across the country. It's been eleven years since terrorists attacked and killed nearly three-thousand people. As Americans come together to remember the lives lost, a group of emergency responders are working to bring a memorial to Rockford.

The Winnebago County 911 First Responders have been raising money to build a memorial for more than a year. They want to commemorate the victims of 9/11, as well as local responders that were killed in the line of duty.

The memorial will be on the corner of State Street and Kilburn Avenue, and will feature two steel beams from the World Trade Center in New York and a timeline of local responders. Construction has not started, as the committee is still fundraising to reach their goal of $911,000. Committee Chairman Will Pederson says they wanted to bring a part of history to Rockford.

"This is going to be a great memorial project for historians, for future generations of children who were never around when that occurred so this will be a site that they can actually come local to and get some education and some understanding of what happened that day,” said Pederson.

The funds will cover the construction of the memorial and provide scholarships for kids who want to become first responders. So far, the committee has raised more than $150,000.

The Winnebago County first responders hope to have the memorial completed for the 15th anniversary in 2016. They are continuing their fundraising efforts with their 2nd annual “For the Steel” challenge on November 3rd. For more details on how to donate visit www.winnebago911memorial.org.

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