Only on 23 News: A Little Girl's Message Against Texting While Driving

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Elenita Romero is hoping to save lives with a video.

The Rockford 3rd grader at Maria Montessori is taking part in a national video entry competition on

The goal is to make a PSA against texting while driving strong enough to be featured on the website. The grand prize winner also gets a cash prize to share with their school.

Elenita says although it'd be nice to win the competition, she's more concerned with sending the deeper message.

"We don't want anybody to get killed or injured," the eight year old said. "It's not okay to text and drive. They would get injured and their family would be so sad if they got killed."

Voting for the competition is all done online and wraps up on Sunday.

Right now Elenita's video is in the top five in votes.

Here's a link to the competition:

Here's a link to Elenita's contest page:

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