Lincoln Highway Celebrates 100 Years

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CHERRY VALLEY (WIFR) -- For the last 100 years the Lincoln Highway has served as one of the longest highways in the United States. It spans from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and even runs through our own stateline. Today the Lincoln Highway Association's President was at the Cherry Valley Library giving folks a lesson in its history.

Association President Kay Shelton used historic Lincoln Highway photos for today's packed event. The highway is often compared to the famous Route 66. However, the Lincoln Highway was built first. It was merged from multiple highways into one roadway back in 1913. Today it runs through our stateline on U.S. 30 passing though Joliet, and makes it's way along Illinois 38 through Rochelle and Dixon.

"Portions of the road were old pioneer trails. Before they were old pioneer trails they were old Indian trails. To think this was connected all the way around the United States is just fascinating," says Eve Kirk, Dir. of Cherry Valley Library.

The Lincoln Highway was privately funded, not funded by the government.