Lime Shortage Puts The Squeeze on Some Local Restaurants and Bars

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- During your last trip to the grocery store, you might have noticed a jump in the price for limes, the US supply has dipped from bad weather and disease and local stores and restaurants are seeing a jump in prices.

The citrus shortage can be blamed on a few things: 95% of limes used in the US are imported from Mexico and the crop there has been hit by storms and a greening disease that kills lime trees. Consumers in the US also get limes from Florida and California but supplies in those states are low too because of the deep freeze this past winter and more disease.

Scott Fraser, a manager at Lucha Cantina in Rockford, has been paying between $90 and $100 for a 40 pound case of limes. He says that same case used to cost between $30 and $40. The restaurant’s chefs haven’t taken lime out of any recipes but bar tenders have been cutting back.

The greening disease that has hit lime trees in Florida has also affected the orange growers in that state. The USDA expects this year’s orange crop from Florida will be the smallest since 1990.

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