Lifescape Delivers Food in the Cold

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Dozens of senior citizens are shut in due to the dangerously cold temperatures, and we’re encouraged to check on them. That’s something several delivery drivers with Lifescape are doing.

“You get your gloves, hats, you know you’re in and out of the truck,” said John Silva, who says he’s never dealt with such frigid conditions since he started working as a driver with Lifescape almost two years ago.

“You’re not out for too long, so that helps,” said Silva. However he says he wants to make sure those who need a hot meal are taken care of.

“You want to be out there to service those people and that’s the reason I do this…even though it’s cold.”

John is one of a dozen Lifescape drivers delivering lunch, dinner, and snacks to senior citizens who can’t make it out of the house. Especially in these subzero temperatures.
Workers are encouraged to dress warmly and keep their time outside to a minimum.

“They only need to spend at least 10 minutes out in the cold, and then get back into the vehicles to warm up.”

Stephan Miller says a driver’s duties go far beyond dropping off plates of food.

“For a lot of those people, we are the only persons or company that they see all day, and so we’re like a welfare check for them.”

“We’re also observing that individual making sure they’re coherent.

For John, keeping people well fed with a warm plate is the best part of the job.

We’re told one driver did call off today, but other workers were able to make those deliveries. Most drivers aren’t out in the cold all day, they’re usually back by 1 p.m.

The weather did limit today’s deliveries. Only clients in Rockford, Loves Park and Cherry Valley were served. They delivered nearly 1,000 meals.

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