Lets Move! Teaches Kids About Healthy Lifestyles

ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A lot of kids are itching to get back outside and let out some of that pent-up energy. Since it’s still not the best conditions to get outside, kids had the chance to get moving and get that energy out inside at the Discovery Center.

The kids learned all about our bodies and staying healthy with the Let’s Move event. Not only does this give kids a chance to get some exercise, they're also learning about the food we eat and where it comes from.

Everything is interactive, the hope being kids take those healthy habits home with them.

"To actually experience it and be part of it is much easier for people to actually learn it and it’s a buy-in factor. Once they've experience it, they take it home with them and they share it with other people,” Pilar Fitzgerald, with the Discovery Center, said.

This month the Discovery Center is also kicking off Messy Mondays and Sizzling Sundays.

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