Lena Woman Turns 103 Years Old

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LENA (WIFR) – A local woman is celebrating her 103rd birthday today as a very independent woman. Rubie lives alone and even cooks three meals a day.

“Forget yesterday, live for today, and wait for tomorrow.”

Meet Rubie Schumacher. She’s an independent woman who averages five crosswords a day and perhaps the most puzzling part, she’s 103 years old.

“I don’t think about my age at all, I just live each day,” said Rubie.

Age is certainly just a number to this grandmother of more than 70 grandkids and great-grandkids. She cooks three meals a day and get this, just stopped driving at 102 due to arthritis.

One thing that could be a little better is the Chicago Cubs’ record. Schumacher is a big fan of the team and even has a birthday letter from the organization framed on her wall. If it’s not baseball, it’s cards. Schumacher plays against friends every week at church and uses an electronic solitaire game to pass the time in between. She says she still has a love for dance but doesn’t exactly like the latest moves.
When we showed her the popular YouTube sensation, the “Harlem Shake” Rubie said, “That ain’t dancing, shaking that’s terrible. Not my thing although I did dance the Charleston.”

Schumacher says she’s proud of her life and feels humble walking by her baby picture taken 103 years ago.

Rubie says the world has definitely changed since she was younger saying people aren’t as friendly as they used to be. She says we need to get to know our neighbors. As for technology, she says she remembers seeing her first car and says she would also like people to stop using their phones so much. She did mention she would probably have a smartphone if she was younger.

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