Legislation Announced to End “Puppy Mill” Sales at Pet Shops

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SPRINGFIELD (WIFR) – New legislation that would end “puppy mill” sales at pet stores in Illinois has been announced and is gaining support from Illinois Governor Pat Quinn.

The legislation, sponsored by State Senator Dan Kotowski (D-Park Ridge) and State Representative Dan Burke (D-Chicago), would ban Illinois pet shops from selling dogs and cats they have acquired from commercial “breeders”. It is aimed at protecting animals from what critics say are often inhumane conditions in the breeding operations.

Senate Amendment 1 to House Bill 4056 would require pet shops to sell only those dogs and cats they have acquired from an animal shelter or animal control facility. Pet shops could no longer sell dogs or cats they have acquired from a breeder, but the bill allows responsible breeders to sell directly to individuals. The legislation is supported by the Humane Society of the United States and would make Illinois the first state in the nation to require pet shops to only sell dogs and cats from an animal shelter or animal control facility.

“This measure ensures safer and more humane treatment of pets and will also guarantee that people will be able to purchase healthy dogs and cats,” Senator Kotowski said.

“Pets are a part of many families, and this legislation will help when choosing one of these new family members,” Representative Burke said. “It will also reduce the number of shelter animals and bring more healthy pets into Illinois homes.”

The proposed legislation comes after Chicago City Council passed an ordinance that requires pet stores to acquire dogs, cats and rabbits from shelters and humane adoption centers.

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