Lawn Complaints Increase

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The warm weather is finally back which makes most of us happy, but there are problems that come with the spring that are making some neighbors upset. Abandoned properties with overgrown weeds are causing hundreds of complaints.

Rockford resident, Robert Sommer mows his lawn to make his property look nice.

“We try to take pride in Rockford and our home and neighborhood and everything so we’ve done a lot of work in our yard,” said Sommer.

But, it’s a much different story next door as weeds and grass take over an abandoned home.

“It does make the neighborhood look bad actually.”

Bad enough to report. The City of Rockford’s ordinance says residents can report lawns if grass is taller than 10 inches.

Between April and May, there were more than 900 complaints about overgrown lawns, up 62% from that time last year. That doesn’t include the neighbors who have thought about complaining.

“I was actually thinking about trying to call and contact the city but I really didn’t know who to contact.

Once a complaint is filed and the city determines it’s valid, the violator will be given a two-day notice to cut the grass. If the owner doesn’t mow, the city will send someone to do it and charge the owner for the work.

If you want to file a complaint about overgrown lawns or weeds that are higher than ten inches in Rockford, you can call the weed hotline at 815-967-6768 or fill out a weed violation form online by clicking here.

Belvidere residents can call 815-544-2612
Roscoe residents can call 815-877-0746
South Beloit residents can call 815-389-3070
Freeport residents can call 815-235-8210.

For other areas not included on this list call your City Hall or visit their website.

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