Lawmakers Push for Bullying Bill

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Illinois could soon become one of the strictest states in the nation when it comes to bullying.

“We’ve had a various range of bullying, it’s you’re a loser, you’re stupid, you’re gay, you’re ugly, no one wants to be your friend.”

Kathy Clausen says her 10-year-old daughter, Emma has been bullied so much at Olson Park Elementary she’s begging to go to a different school. Clausen says she’s informed the Harlem School District about every incident, however she says the problem isn’t going away.
“As a parent, I’m frustrated.”

“The bullying discipline is never told to me, we’ve taken care of it, that’s all you need to know.”

Local legislators want stricter laws in order to prevent more problems among students. Some lawmakers are pushing for the “School Bullying Bill” which would call for harsher punishments like expulsion or suspension. The plan would allow every school district in the state to have an anti-bullying coordinator to educate parents, kids, and staff.

“Mom and dad and kids and administrators, we all need to be in the same room and we all need to talk about it.”

Clausen says even group interventions might help to protect her daughter and those suffering the same pain.

Harlem Superintendent Julie Morris says bullying is dealt with on a case-by-case basis, which may include punishments like in-school suspension, community service, or detention. The proposal has to be reviewed by the education committee.

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