Lawmakers Talk Thomson Prison Funding

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THOMSON (WIFR) – The funding is saved, but the skepticism remains on whether we will see Thomson Prison open by 2016.

The funding needed to keep the project on track suddenly became in jeopardy last week when a Republican House member introduced an amendment to strip the $60 million in the 2015 spending bill targeted for Thomson.

The House ended up defeating that measure ad a Senate committee has also voted to keep the funding on track. With Thomson Prison mostly vacant for the last 14 years, Senator Dick Durbin says he understands the skepticism Stateliners may have on whether we’ll ever see Thomson open.

“Everybody has a right to be skeptical when you hear Thomson Prison. How many times have we been promised all the jobs that will come out of that prison. But look what happened. The federal government purchased it from the state of Illinois. The state couldn’t afford to open it. The federal government needs it. I feel good about it I feel where’ in a strong position,” said Senator Durbin (D-Illinois).

Opening Thomson Prison is expected to bring about 1,100 jobs to the state.

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