Last Day of Voter Registration

STATELINE (WIFR) -- Today is the last official day to register to vote in time for Election Day. Election offices in the area say this is always a busy time for them.

“Yesterday I thought was the cutoff date, and I thought I missed it. But it was not. So I called and I ran down so I can make sure I can vote,” said Cathay Keyes.

Cathay Keyes is one of many people who waited until the last day to register to vote in the November elections.

"It's important to register to vote because so many people had to go through so much in order to be able to vote. And we should have a choice in what's going on," Keyes said.

Staff at the Rockford board of elections say the past couple of days have been especially busy not just with people registering, but with early voters.

"A lot of people are calling in wanting to know what they need to register to vote today, and a lot of people are coming in to register. And of course we do have absentee voting that's going on today,” said Mary Leach with the Rockford Board of Elections

The Winnebago county clerk's office says about 91-thousand Winnebago county residents will register to vote this year... A slight uptick from last year. But if you miss the deadline today, it's not to late to sign up.

"Today is the last day of registering to vote. Tomorrow, if they miss this deadline, they can come into our office and they can register tomorrow, starting tomorrow, but then they'd also have to cast their ballot right then," Winnebago County Clerk, Margie Mullins, said.

Again, to register today, you can head to the Loves Park City Hall until 8 o'clock tonight.

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