UPDATE: Crews Working to Fix Major Water Main Break

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UPDATE: ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The city says the water main on Tay Street and Corbin should be fixed in the next week, which will open up that street again.

The city is calling it the biggest main break of the season when the 80 year old pipe burst early Saturday morning, leaving a massive hole in the street which has been shut down since.

The city says they ordered the new materials earlier today and that the street should open the beginning of next week.

ROCKFORD (WIFR)- Crews with Rockford's Public Works Department spent hours fixing a major water main break.

A massive crater now fills the road at Corbin St. and Tay St. on the city's Southwest side.

Public Works Director Tim Hanson says freezing temperatures caused the water main to burst around 5 A.M unleashing gallons of water into the street.

"When the water bursts out of a pipe it's so much pressure, it blew out the whole street at that point."

What was once a street is now a pile of dirt and gravel. People living in the area may notice lower water pressure, but the city says the water is safe for consumption.

The main concern is the nearby railroad tracks. The hole in the cement next to the tracks is unstable for trains to pass by.

"As much as these trains weigh you don't know if it's going to undermine enough if it will derail a train or not."

A similar situation happened in 2010 when water washed out the tracks on Mulford St. near Sandy Hallow causing a deadly train derailment and explosion.

To make sure that doesn't happen now trains are dropping speed in that area from 25 miles and hour to 10.

"It's in a very bad spot we need to be careful with what we're doing"

Douglas Williams who lives near the now gaping hole caused by the water main break says he was shocked to see how much damage the rupture caused, but says he's happy with the city's response.

"It'll be alright because they right on top of it and they doing a good job of it."

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