Poplar Grove Votes Down Mobile Home Development

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POPLAR GROVE (WIFR) – The Poplar Grove Planning and Zoning Commission voted down unanimously a major development that would have brought more than 280 mobile homes to the village.

The commission says they voted down the plan after hearing the many concerns voiced by home owners at Tuesday's meeting.

"I'm ecstatic that I got voted down," says Poplar Grove home owner Mary Fidder.

Fidder was the last home owner to speak before the vote.

Developer Flora Meadows was asking the village to approve a special use permit to allow for the building of a proposed 284 mobile homes on two large sections of land off of Poplar Grove Road.

The southern portion of the plan would have seen a community of 240 homes built on land the planning and zoning commission says is flood prone and may not be big enough for a development of this scale.

The commission still has to vote on the northern part of the development which would see 44 homes built. As of 10:21p.m., that vote hasn't been cast yet.

The developers will have a chance to meet with the commission later this month.

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