Labor Day Weekend Travel

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STATELINE (WIFR) – More than one million people are expected to travel this Labor Day weekend which means we’ll be paying a little more at the pump. However, experts say it’s still about 10 cents cheaper than what we paid this time last year.

Gas experts say more people are driving this holiday weekend because we’re finally getting a welcomed relief for the price we pay at the pump. Jamie Holub says lately he hasn’t seen gas prices drop when gassing up his minivan.

“Usually around 65, 70 dollars. I feel like gas prices are a little high. At this time last week, they were a little bit lower.”
But that isn’t stopping him from hitting the road this labor day weekend.

It’s the first time Holub says he is traveling anywhere for the holiday. He’ll be joining more than one million people in Illinois, expected to travel during the next few days.

“I would say most motorists still think gas is expensive but in light of last year and the year before, prices are relatively cheap,” said gas expert Patrick DeHaan.

Right now the average price of gas is $3.46, which is about 10 cents cheaper than this time last year. Patrick DeHaan with says that’s because refineries are producing more oil in the U.S.

“A lot of oil refineries are just chugging along just fine.”

Gas experts say we’ll see a slight hike in prices this weekend because of the holiday, however prices should drop by this time next week.

Experts say gas prices in the Rockford area have been dropping in the last month and in the fall we should still only pay in the lower three dollar range for gas in our area.

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