Kody Walsh Pleads Not Guilty

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A Rockford man suspected of killing a Beloit woman on I-90 and then leading police on a chaotic manhunt has pleaded not guilty to murder. Walsh wasn't supposed to be back in court until October but the parties agreed to come back to court early. You may remember he was caught in Tennessee after a police chase and extradited back here to face murder charges.

Today, Walsh came to court with a shaved head and a yellow jumpsuit. He smiled and waved at about a dozen family members and friends who came to support him. He plead not guilty to a 33 count indictment, which includes everything from murder charges to shooting at officers. He's requested a new judge and he's hired a private attorney to represent him.

His case was initially assigned to Judge Rosemary Collins, however, Chief Judge Joe McGraw will rule on his motion for a new judge next week.

Despite media requests to allow cameras in the courtroom, cameras have not been allowed inside due to objections made by Walsh’s lawyers. It will be up to a new judge to decide if cameras will be allowed in the courtroom, moving forward in Walsh’s case.

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