Kishwaukee Elementary Putting Bullying to Bed

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Students at Kishwaukee Elementary School are battling bullies by wearing pajamas to class.

It’s for the “Put Bullying to Bed” campaign at the school. Today the kids made beds and wrote a bullying behavior on it. Then they glued another piece of paper, the sheets, over the word to put bullying to bed. The kids are also learning about how to stop bulling in their classrooms and how to keep cool in tense situations.

"We set up a cool down center so before you start to actually fight you can go to Miss Sheridan and tell her your problems and say can I go to the cool down center and you go there and cool yourself down,” said Lillian McQueeny, a 5th grader at Kishwaukee Elementary.

The “Put Bullying to Bed” day is part of the school’s month-long anti-bullying campaign.

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