Kinnikinnick School District Facing Major Cuts

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ROSCOE (WIFR) -- It's something we're hearing a lot about these days as another local school district is considering serious cuts just to make ends meet.

Music and art are just some of the programs on the chopping block in the Kinnikinnick School District. Superintendent Keli Freedlund says she's got some tough decisions to make as her district keeps losing money.

"As the educational leader of the district it's extremely difficult to say to parents this is all we have left," says Freedlund.

Freedlund says as state leaders cut education spending districts are left trying to fill the gap.

"Now we're at a point where there's nothing left for us to reduce and everything that we do at this point will significantly impact our student's education in the Kinnickinnick schools," said Freedlund.

School leaders are hoping voters can help out by passing a property tax referendum on next month's ballot.

"I think that the identity of this area is inseparable of the identity of the school district," says Roscoe resident Chuck Johnson, "and if the district starts to diminish I think our whole area starts to diminish."

Freedlund says if the referendum fails and cuts aren't made the school will be flat broke within three years and be forced to hand over the keys to the state.

Staff cuts, the honors program, and anything else that isn't mandated by the state is all being considered as part of a three year plan to cut spending and get the district back to a balanced budget. Freedlund says her district will go over the referendum for voters in a community meeting on March 4th.

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