Kenosha Police Chief Ordered To Review Cop's Taser Use

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KENOSHA, Wis. (AP) -- The Kenosha police chief has been ordered to review an officer's questionable use of a Taser against a man in July.

The Kenosha Police and Fire Commission made that decision in a closed session Tuesday. Commission President Ronald Frederick says the panel gave Chief John Morrissey 90 days to report back on his findings.

Both Frederick and a Kenosha Police Department spokesman say it will be up to Morrissey to determine how to conduct the review.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports a squad car video shows a Kenosha officer deploying the stun gun against an unarmed man within seconds of arriving to a call about two men fighting. The man hit with the Taser falls straight backward.

The officer's written report does not match what's seen on the video.

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