KNIB Accepting Phone Books for Recycling

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful accepts phone books for recycling at both Recycle Street, Roscoe and 4665 Hydraulic Road, Rockford. The Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Recycle Centers are open 9 a.m. – Noon, Saturday mornings throughout the year. They close only for a holiday that falls on Saturday, or if the wind chill is below zero. Both sites are staffed by volunteers. Drop-offs are free.

Every year, 540 million telephone directories are distributed. It is estimated that only 22 percent of households recycle their directories. Phone books add 660,000 tons of waste to landfills across the country, according to the Product Stewardship Institute. “Communities such as San Francisco and Seattle have attempted to ban automatic distribution of phone books because they can be seen as wasteful, unwanted and harmful to the environment,” said Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Executive Director Lori Gummow. Residents may also recycle the books by repurposing them at home. For example, by ripping them apart the paper can be used in the same ways as newsprint: for crafts, as pet cage liners, shredded for litter, for window cleaning, or crumpled into balls as a fire starter. Outdoors, a layer of paper can be spread over the soil to keep down weeds, then wood chips or other groundcover layered on top as part of landscaping. The paper
may also be mixed into composting bins. Items accepted for free drop-off at both Keep Northern Illinois Beautiful Recycle Centers include:

- Paper, preferably in paper bags: Newspapers, direct mail, office/computer paper, chipboard (e.g., cereal or tissue boxes), wire-ring notebooks, paperbacks, magazines and phone books
- Corrugated Cardboard, flattened: Except no pizza boxes
- Metals and Electronics, including cell phones: Except no TVs, computer monitors, appliances containing Freon or propane tanks
- Bagged Clothing: Wearable or not, including paired shoes, hats, belts, linens, throw rugs, stuffed toys.

- Egg cartons

- Plastic 6-pack bottle rings


- The following four food containers, rinsed, without lids, may be co-mingled:

- Glass Containers: Food jars and bottles

- Plastic Containers: Bottles coded #1 and #2 with “necks and shoulders”

- Aluminum: Cans and scrap (foil, pie tins, etc.)

- Metal Food Cans

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