Jurors Deadlock on Jodi Arias Penalty; Retrial Set

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PHOENIX (AP) -- The jury in Jodi Arias' murder trial has been dismissed after failing to decide if she should receive the death penalty.

A new panel likely will be seated to try again to reach a decision on a sentence -- unless the prosecutor takes death off the table agrees to a life sentence. The judge scheduled a retrial for July 18.

One female jury mouthed "sorry" to the family of the victim, Travis Alexander, as they cried.

Arias looked visibly upset with the jury's decision. Before it was announced, she sobbed in the courtroom. In announcing the mistrial, Judge Sherry Stephens gave a heavy sigh.

The same panel on May 8 found Arias guilty of first-degree murder in the death of Alexander in his suburban Phoenix home.

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