Janesville Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving With Children in Car

ROCK COUNTY (WIFR) -- An accident investigation leads to the arrest of a Janesville woman drunk driving with six children in the car.

Rock County Deputies were responding to a minor accident on W. STH 11 near U.S. HWY 51 where they suspected the driver, 30 year old Cassy Schyvinck-Samret had been drinking and driving. Schyvinck-Samret admitted to consuming alcohol and was given a field sobriety test which lead to her arrest.

Schyvinck-Samret had been driving with six children inside her car, ages ranging from 3 to 8 years old. Two of the children were her own. The parents of the other four were contacted and told to pick up the children at the scene.

Schyvinck-Samret is charged with operating while intoxicated, with passengers under 16 years of age.

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